Veronica and Roxy

Your name: Veronica
Pet's name in the photographs: Roxy
Occupation: Medical Secretary
Suburb: Ringwood

1) Why would you be unsure about bringing your pet to see us at Thrifty Vet?
No reason to be unsure at all. We have experienced nothing but the best care for Roxy.


2) What made you decide to bring you pet to see us?
Initially, because Thrifty Vet was local. Long term, it has been because of the care provided.


3)What specific benefits have you seen as a result of Thrifty Vet's services?
Roxy is happy to go to the vet. She has continuity of care. She is spoiled and pampered when here.


4) Who would you recommended us to and why?
Anyone looking for professional and caring veterinary clinic.