Liesel and Sampson

Your Name: Liesel
Pet's name in the photographs: Sampson
Occupation: Carer
Suburb: Croydon

1) Why would you be unsure about bringing your pet to see us at Thrifty Vet?
Never unsure, as some old friends recommended Thrifty and Harry to us and we haven't looked back since.


2) What made you decide to bring you pet to see us?
Someone recommended Thrifty to help Sampson who was a rescue that no one else could do anything with.


3)What specific benefits have you seen as a result of Thrifty Vet's services?
They've helped me, everyone here. Since we've walked through the doors we've never looked back. They saved Sampson's life on more than one occasion.


4) Who would you recommended us to and why?
Anyone, and I have done plenty of times.
I'm truly blessed because they go above and beyond.