Anne and Mowgli

Your Name: Anne
Pet's name in the photographs: Mowgli
Occupation: Adventurer
Suburb: Frankston South

1) Why would you be unsure about bringing your pet to see us at Thrifty Vet?
Initial thoughts were: Is this going to be another money wasting visit with a wrong diagnosis at the end of it?


2) What made you decide to bring you pet to see us?
My previous dog had had a sore on his snout which wouldn't heal. His vet of the day gave him injections and ointments to avail and then prescribed exploratory surgery.

I brought Decker to Thrifty Vet for a second opinion. Harry had good look at the wound and removed a grass seed. The wound healed and the costs were very reasonable.


3)What specific benefits have you seen as a result of Thrifty Vet's services?
Harry is an "Animals vet". He doesn't waste his time with upselling animal foods and toys etc. He is there for each animal. He has cared for five of our pets and I am prepared to travel up the practice when required. 


4) Who would you recommended us to and why?
I have recommended the practice to friends when they have needed help as I knew they would receive honest service at a reasonable cost.